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American Airlines: American airlines ban alcohol in their cabins

The latest attack grabbed headlines for just over a week. On board a Southwest Airlines plane, a passenger attacked a flight attendant. For travelers, the flight ended with a visit to the airline’s employees’ backup reservation at the hospital. She was injured in the face and lost two of her teeth.

It is by no means an isolated case. According to CNN More than 2,500 incidents of abusive behavior or verbal attacks by passengers have been reported since the start of the year. Alcohol is often involved. In response, deportation with American Airlines Southwest Airlines, two airlines, distribute alcoholic beverages from most of their cabins.

“We have seen some disturbing situations in the last week,” CNN quoted a spokesperson for American Airlines as saying. Such scenes will not be tolerated.

Specifically, American Airlines stopped serving alcohol a while ago with reference to the Covid rules. In fact, it should start again on June 1, but that date has been canceled due to the recent accident. However, first and business class passengers are exempt from the alcohol ban. Southwest has suspended service indefinitely after the host’s attack.

At first it was verbally abused, then beaten

Other major airlines in the United States such as Delta or United continue to serve alcoholic beverages to their guests.

In the accident last weekend, the passenger ignored requests from cabin crew to fasten a seat belt and straighten the backrest. After landing San Diego She first cursed a flight attendant and then slapped her in the face. The woman is now facing assault charges. She was banned from flying with Southwest for life.

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