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Afghanistan Update: Radical Warnings of a Terrorist Attack at the Airport – ‘Leave the Area Immediately’



  • fromAnna Katharina Ahnfeld


The evacuation mission in Afghanistan will soon be over. At the same time, the threat of terrorism is increasing at Kabul airport. The situation is terrible.

  • The United States will end the rescue mission on August 31. On Friday, the German army will take off its last soldiers Afghanistan * fly.
  • Thousands of people are still waiting for evacuation at Kabul airport. local staff * I hope to leave. The situation is becoming more and more dire (See update from August 26, 10:30 a.m.).
  • The threat of terrorist attacks is increasing. Western countries have reported an increased risk situation (See update from August 26, 9:30 a.m.).
  • This newsfeed is constantly updated.

Update from August 26, 11:40 a.m.: The German armed forces moved an additional 150 people from Kabul on Thursday (26 August). The operational command stated on Twitter that the A400M military transport with refugees on board began at 9.42 am German time to Tashkent. There is the Bundeswehr center from which he moves to Germany. The flight is one of the last evacuation flights of the Bundeswehr. It wanted to transport people from Kabul by four planes on Thursday.

The Bundeswehr mission has been supported by a team from the Federal Intelligence Agency (BND) since its inception. According to information received from the German news agency, the German foreign intelligence service is still active in Kabul after the Islamic extremist Taliban movement captured the Afghan capital. She added that BND agents would, among other things, clarify the security situation and keep in touch with other secret services. Officially, the German Federal Intelligence Service did not want to comment on the mission in Afghanistan.

After Belgium and Poland, the Netherlands is now also halting evacuation flights from Kabul. “This is a painful moment,” the government in The Hague said in a letter to parliament, which was reported by the ANP news agency on Thursday. “The Netherlands was informed by the United States of the need to withdraw,” the letter said. The last Dutch evacuation flight was due to take place later on Thursday. She said that despite all efforts, people are now staying in Afghanistan and were supposed to be airlifted.

Afghanistan: The situation at the airport is approaching a peak – people want to flee the Taliban

Update from August 26, 10:22 a.m.: The situation at Kabul airport seems to be becoming more and more dire. According to the German news agency (dpa), regardless of the risks of terrorist attacks, the number of people has increased, according to reports. An eyewitness reported that he was at a gate in the eastern part of the airport for the third day. However, he had never seen such a large number of people on any given day. People are “close to each other like bricks in a wall.” You cannot get a counter. It is about 200 meters from the entrance and it will cost the life of his child or wife if he tries to overcome the 200 meters.

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In a video sent by an eyewitness, people can be seen waving documents in their hands. You shout “Help me!” – Help me – standing shoulder to shoulder in the scorching sun. There are women and children in the crowd, children crying can be heard.

Terrorist threat at Kabul airport: Western countries report a threat

Update from August 26, 9:30 a.m.: The British government repeated its warning of attacks on Kabul airport. Britain’s Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, James Hebey, told The Times Thursday morning that the dangerous situation was “extremely serious”. During the week, evidence of possible attacks increased. There is an immediate and serious threat.”

On Wednesday evening, several western states reported an increased terrorist threat around Kabul Airport. In addition to Great Britain, the United States and Australia urged their citizens to avoid the region. Denmark has already completed the evacuation mission. France also plans to suspend the rescue mission on Friday. “From tomorrow evening, we can no longer carry out evacuations from Kabul airport,” Prime Minister Jan Castix said on Thursday.

Update from August 26, 8:45 a.m.: The German government still hopes to negotiate civilian evacuation options with the Taliban after the military airlift ends. Foreign Minister Nils Annen told Funke Media Group newspapers on Thursday. He described it as “unfortunate that we cannot continue the airlift.”

“Since the beginning of the evacuation, the federal government has been looking for parallel solutions to the airlift on several levels,” Anin stressed. “Therefore we are in talks with the Taliban in Doha as well as with Afghanistan’s neighbors – such as Pakistan – to continue the evacuation on a civilian basis after August 31,” he added.

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Evacuation mission from Afghanistan: last Bundeswehr plane took off on Thursday

Update from Aug 26 8.15am: On Thursday morning, the German army continued its mission to evacuate Germans and local staff in Afghanistan. At about 7.15am CET, an A400M transport plane took off from the Uzbek capital Tashkent in the direction of Kabul, according to the Operations Command on Twitter. It is supposed to receive more refugees there.

The night before, the German armed forces transported 167 people from the Afghan capital on the last of several flights on Wednesday. On Thursday, the Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter: “The German army has brought a total of 5,193 people to safety since the evacuation mission – yesterday alone there were 539 people to be protected.” “We leave until the last second.”

First report from August 26th at 7.25am:

KABUL – It is now clear: the German armed forces’ mission in Afghanistan ends this week. The last German soldier is scheduled to be transferred from Kabul on Friday. The final withdrawal of US forces is scheduled for Tuesday (August 31). Thousands of people at Kabul airport are still hoping for evacuation. Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) spoke on Wednesday of “the most dangerous phase of the evacuation mission.” Evacuation time is running out. At the same time, the risk of terrorist attacks at the airport is increasing.

Because shortly before the supposed end of the militarily secured evacuations, the security situation there worsened dramatically. The German Embassy in Afghanistan and other agencies have warned of the danger of terrorism around the capital’s airport. “Due to the security threats at the gates of Kabul Airport, we advise US citizens not to travel to the airport at the present time and to avoid the airport gates” – without specifying the status of the threat, the US embassy said Thursday night. The embassy warned Thursday evening of the seriousness of the situation at the airport gates. “US citizens who are currently at Abbey Gate, East Gate or North Gate must leave the area immediately,” she added.

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The British Embassy also urged its citizens in Afghanistan to go to a safe place and wait for further instructions.

Afghanistan: Warnings of a terrorist threat at the airport – evacuation time is running out

In a letter, the German embassy warned its citizens of shootings and terrorist attacks. On Tuesday, the Bundeswehr reported that there are an increasing number of potential suicide bombers from the terrorist organization Islamic State in Kabul. The US President had a similar story Joe Biden He expressed. He said that a local branch of the organization tries to attack the airport practically every day. The terrorist militia is also an “avowed enemy” of the hardline Islamist Taliban movement.

Turkey also began withdrawing its soldiers. This should also mean that the option, sometimes discussed, that Turkish forces secure the international airport in Kabul after the NATO mission ends, should also be off the table. It is unclear whether people will be able to leave the airport via the airport after August 31.

The US government has stressed that there is no “deadline” for its efforts to help American Americans or Afghans wishing to leave the country. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the Taliban had pledged to ensure people were escorted safely beyond August 31. “We certainly have incentives and leverage over the future Afghan government to ensure that happens,” Blinken said, without elaborating.

Withdrawal of the German armed forces from Afghanistan – UN report: Security situation largely calm

A United Nations report now states: The security situation in Afghanistan * There has been largely calm since the hardline Islamist Taliban movement came to power. This came in a weekly report of the United Nations Agency for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA) published on Wednesday evening. In the vast majority of regions of the country, the security situation in the reporting period – a week after the Taliban came to power – was relatively calm. (aka / dpa) * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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05.07 a.m.: RKI reports 3,022 new infections

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 3,022 new positive tests. That’s 714 fewer than on Saturday a week ago, when 3,736 new infections were reported. The seven-day incidence rate increases slightly to 61.7 from 61.4 the day before. Ten more people have died from the virus. This increases the number of reported deaths to 93,403 within 24 hours. In total, more than 4.19 million coronavirus tests have been positive so far in Germany.

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12:17 am: Bolsonaro tests negative for Corona after returning from New York

After several infections with Corona in the vicinity of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the result of the head of state himself tested negative for the Corona virus. The government announced that Bolsonaro will resume his official duties on Monday. The far-right head of state, who has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, went into isolation after returning from the United Nations general debate in New York on Wednesday. Four members of his entourage on the multi-day trip to the United States have now tested positive for the coronavirus. In addition to Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga, the son of the President, Representative Eduardo Bolsonaro, was infected. About 50 members of the Brazilian delegation have been placed in quarantine as a precaution after returning from New York.

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Monday 27 September 2021



The raised camera belongs to the always present photographer.

(Photo: Imago Images/Zuma Wire)

Meghan and Harry – they wanted to be a completely normal couple, No royal smell more, No extra sausageNo special treatment, they wanted their peace and quiet. allegedly. They wanted to make moneyn, in the United States. This is where they migrated and left behind a lot of scorched earth. And now? Now they move through New York easily from a famous couple. Of course, they advertise good things, like vaccination justice, and Meghan is finally allowed to read from her failed book “The Me You Can’t See” to kids who can’t escape, and they absolutely drive. The Really Huge ‘Harry and Meghan Show’ Away. Including frequent changes of clothes on Megan’s part, what are your hateful tongues “He wants to cheat Diana” Seal. We don’t want to go that far. Because Megan will most likely be found between Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama. you might think. It’s just noticeable to the couple always One and the same photographer Followed at every turn. As if he wanted to document that both of them would do well with each breath.

So, should the adventurous couple have their own agenda? According to “Page Six”, “H&M” is currently transforming A documentary about her life for Netflix. While Harry and Meghan visited the Global Citizen Festival in New York, the September 11, 2001 attack memorial, and various other important sites in the city, a certain photographer—along with others, changing locations—was always on their heels. The documentary about their lives, as Bild suspects, is likely part of the €85 million deal Harry and Meghan signed with Netflix last year, so the couple will have to do a few things themselves and we summarize:

  • Netflix Projects
  • opera interview
  • books
  • Harry’s Lament in a TV Documentary

All in all – lots of grit! Like I said – they actually wanted to be totally private!

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