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According to the US withdrawal plans: The withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan begins on May 1

Status: 04/14/2021 10:53 PM

NATO begins its formal withdrawal from Afghanistan on May 1: a similar decision was taken that evening at a conference of 30 foreign and defense ministers. The coalition responds to the announced withdrawal of the United States.

After the US decision to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, NATO is also starting to end its operation in the Hindu Kush: the alliance decided to start withdrawing from May 1, according to a video link from the foreign and defense ministers of 30 NATO countries.

There are currently around 10,000 regular NATO troops in Afghanistan. They are supposed to support the government in their fight against the extremist Islamic Taliban movement by training and advising the security forces. With around 1,100 troops currently, Germany is the second largest provider of forces after the United States.

Afghan diamonds promise more support

The news of the NATO withdrawal is not surprising, because after Washington’s decision, the continuation of operations for other NATO countries was only possible with significant additional costs and risks. Federal Defense Minister Angret Kramp-Karenbauer has already made this clear The Bundeswehr is leaving, too.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stated Daily TopicsOne now wants to ensure the orderly withdrawal of international forces. This is only possible with more time – which is why the draw will only start on May 1st rather than be completed by then. This is what US President Donald Trump agreed with the Taliban. Maas emphasized that the Afghan government will continue to receive support with money, military equipment and training.

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“Time to end America’s longest war”

Meanwhile, in Washington, US President Joe Biden again appeared before the press to formally announce the already known withdrawal plans: The withdrawal must also take place in It starts on May 1st and is completed by September 11thBiden explained. It is time to end America’s longest war. It is time for US forces to come home. The United States has prevented Afghanistan from becoming a staging ground for terrorist attacks against the United States again. Thus, the original objective of the Afghanistan mission was achieved.

Fears that the Taliban will take power

The withdrawal poses a number of problems for the Afghan government. It is unclear, for example, what consequences a NATO decision might entail Peace negotiations With the Taliban. It is feared that the Islamists will take power in the country soon after the international withdrawal. The arduous democratic progress the country has made in recent years will be useless.

Ghani: we defend ourselves

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stated in an initial statement that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan respects the United States’ decision to withdraw. They will work with US partners to ensure a smooth transition. Meanwhile, Ghani emphasized that the Afghan security forces are able to defend the country and the population.

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